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A true local, born in Wilmington and raised in the picturesque Brunswick County. Together with his wife Liz and their beloved four-legged companion "Q," Brad proudly calls Oak Island their home. With a deep-rooted passion for supporting small and local businesses, Brad dedicates himself to helping them flourish without burdening their budgets.

Brad, Liz and "Q"

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Information Technology

Brad's Story

Brad is a seasoned IT professional with a BS in Computer Science and over 20 years of experience in the field. He excels in managing complex IT systems, leveraging his keen eye for detail and strong analytical mindset to uncover valuable insights from data. Brad's career highlights include serving as Director of IT for a prominent NC State Agency and major South Carolina corporation. Now, embracing a dynamic shift, Brad is venturing into the realm of digital marketing. His deep understanding of technology trends and digital landscapes empowers him to craft data-driven and result-oriented marketing strategies. With a natural problem-solving acumen and adaptability to changing environments, Brad approaches marketing challenges with a unique perspective. As he forges ahead on this exciting new journey, he is committed to driving growth, enhancing brand presence, and fostering meaningful connections across diverse digital platforms.

Run Like The Winded CrossFit

Fun Facts

Brad is a multi-talented individual with some intriguing fun facts! Not only is he a skilled marketing and IT professional, but he's also a certified CrossFit L2 instructor, helping others stay fit and healthy. Brad has a unique affinity for both the beach and mountains, as he loves living by the beach and its calming vibes, yet he can't resist the allure of the mountains and their majestic scenery.

When he's not busy with IT or fitness, Brad indulges in his
passion for home brewing, concocting delicious and unique brews. It's no surprise that he has a penchant for "Moonshiners," having watched every episode of the thrilling show about the world of illegal liquor production.

To add to his fascinating life story, Brad went the extra mile and bought his childhood home on Oak Island, creating a special connection to his past. With such diverse interests and experiences, Brad brings a colorful and exciting perspective to everything he does!

Run Like The Winded CrossFit

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